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Real Estate Trivia

Find the answer somewhere on our website.  We try to change the questions every come back next month.


1)  What is the only U.S. city where all professional sports teams use the same colors? 


2 ) What is the highest mountain in the United States?


3) In what country is the Westernmost point  in continental Europe?



Career Opportunities at ROBERT BENJAMIN REALTY

If you already have a real estate license in Pennsylvania, we are always interested in self-motivated and hard-working individuals who share our business philosophy and would like a competitive commission schedule.  If you are looking to work in a friendly, service-oriented and rewarding environment in our WYSOX office, then please send your resume to:


Robert Benjamin Realty

Attention: Robert Benjamin

1283 Golden Mile Road

P.O. Box 266
Wysox, PA 18854



You may also fax or email us your resume:


Fax: 570-265-6797



If you are interested in becoming a real estate salesperson, visit the Employment Opportunities section below.  

ROBERT BENJAMIN REALTY is an equal opportunity employer.

Getting a Real Estate License in Pennsylvania

Are you looking for an exciting and rewarding career in real estate? Then this is the page for YOU!

If you have been thinking that you would enjoy a career in real estate, then read this page carefully. A real estate career in Pennsylvania can be very satisfying and extremely rewarding.


The advantages to a rewarding real estate career in Pennsylvania are numerous:

  • Become your own boss
  • Work the hours you wish instead of those demanded by others
  • Earn an income based on how hard and smart you work, instead of how many hours you work
  • Meet and work with a variety of people who enrich your life with their wide diversity of experiences
  • Become a professional in your field
  • Gain respect from the community members
  • View some of the most magnificent, scenic, picturesque sites the world has to offer


The first step is to enroll in the two basic real estate courses necessary to be able to qualify for taking the Pennsylvania State Examination. A satisfactory grade is required in each course. Once you have passed each course and also passed both portions of the state examination, you are qualified to apply for licensure within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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