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Real Estate Trivia

Find the answer somewhere on our website.  We try to change the questions every come back next month.


1)  What is the only U.S. city where all professional sports teams use the same colors? 


2 ) What is the highest mountain in the United States?


3) In what country is the Westernmost point  in continental Europe?



Robert Benjamin Realty's Past Trivia Questions

1) There are two national capital cities that are below sea them?  Baku, Azerbaijan -28 m (-92 feet) and Amsterdam, The Netherlands -1 m (-3 feet)


2) What is the highest national capital city in the world? La Paz, Bolivia (seat of government), 3,640 m (11,942 feet)


3) In what New York state town would you find the Baseball Hall of Fame? Cooperstown


4) What is the lagest island in the world?  Greenland


5) Name the presidents on Mount Rushmore from left to right.  Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt, Lincoln


6) Which state incorporated the first state university in 1785? Georgia

7) Andersonville, GA had the notorious Confederate prison for Civil War prisoners...What northern city had a notorious prison for the Union Army? Elmira, NY


8) Name the six flags that have flown over Texas? France, Spain, Mexico, Republic of Texas, United States of America, Confederate States of America


9) Name the only Middle East country without a desert? Lebanon

10) When and where was the world's largest fireworks display ever?  Kuwait in 2002 with 77,282 fireworks


11) What country has won the most winter olympic medals since they began as of 2014?  Norway


12) What is the only country in the world that has not been a part of another country in its entire history? Thailand

13) What is the only U.S. National Park named after a person and where is it? Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota


14) Thomas Jefferson's home is called Monticello...What does Monticello mean? Little Mountain


15) In what state would you find the "Camptown Race Track ... 5 miles long" ? Doo-Dah!   BRADFORD COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA...about 15 minutes from Robert Benjamin Realty Office. Nowadays, it is a 5K foot race instead.  Stephen Foster went to school in Bradford County and wrote several songs while he was in school and beyond...such as Camptown Races and Tioga Waltz which he wrote at age 14. 


16)  Which U.S. city was the first to hold a modern Olympics and when?  St. Louis, Mo. in 1904


17) In what city would you find the Little League Baseball World Series each year?  Williamsport, PA


18) What 3 Confederate figures carved on Stone Mountain in Georgia?  Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, & Jefferson Davis





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